We can’t break the 8 with infighting – NPP told

We can’t break the 8 with infighting – NPP told

The Director of Political Affairs to the Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, Frank Asiedu Bekoe has advised members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to halt any skirmishes as the party seeks to break the 8-years jinx in Ghana’s politics.

Protozoa as he is commonly known, said such acts led to the loss of some parliamentary seats in the 2020 elections so it would be prudent for all NPP members to bury their differences to ensure victory in the 2024 election.

He gave the advice in an interview with Onua TV’s Nana Yaw Opare in the Eastern Region.

“There should be an end to every litigation because fighting will not bring any success. We hear of MPs and DCEs not in talking terms. Factionalisms here and there in the party and all these would not help us achieve the aim”, he explained.

Mr. Asiedu Bekoe noted that “to restore the past glories of these constituencies, it is wrong that the same families will fight to the extent that we shall lose seats”.

“It’s a wakeup call for the party members because if you fight to the extent of losing a seat, then it means you are more comfortable in opposition than being n power”.


On development, especially roads in the Eastern Region, Potozoa noted that “bad roads are bad. It is not about the type of cars we are using”.

“We have to talk about it so that the government’s budget for roads would be allocated to us. There are some developments but we have to do more and we will have to liaise with the DCEs and chiefs to know their needs and see how to provide them”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|3news.com|Ghana