We are not Armed Robbers

In a video that went viral on social media, a group of young guys flaunted side weapons and a pump-action gun. They have now broken their silence.

According to accounts, the men accidentally sent the film to a WhatsApp group, but some others had already downloaded it before they could remove it.

Some have even claimed to be the criminals who attacked the bullion wagon and killed the police officer before fleeing with an undisclosed sum of money.

The men, one of whom has been identified as Obour Belling, have spoken for the first time, claiming that they are not armed robbers as has been claimed.

They claim to be involved in illegal mining (Galamsey), and the guns they displayed are weapons they use to protect themselves at the mine.

They further say that photos of them holding bundles of various currencies in circulation are outdated photographs.

People who spread the footage on social media and labeled them as armed robbers are cursed by the young lads.

They also cursed the media for reporting unsubstantiated facts about them.

The men's previous video follows a robbery attack on a bullion van in Adedenkpo, a suburb of Jamestown, that resulted in the deaths of a police officer on escort duty and a merchant.

Four men with rifles are seen in the video, telling Ghanaians to flee if they see them on the streets.

They can be heard shouting "No good advice" in the video while flaunting their weapons, which include an Ak 47.