''That boy called Sam George is a mad man'' - Mother of popular transgender

''That boy called Sam George is a mad man'' - Mother of popular transgender

The mother of famed Ghanaian transsexual and musician Angel Maxine has hurled insults at Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament Sam Nartey George over the anti-LGBTQ law.

Angel Maxine's mother said in a video that no one should be stigmatized or judged because of their sexuality.


She claims to have embraced her kid for who he is and is opposed to the anti-LGBTQ measure.

Hon. Sam George, she went on to say, is a lunatic who understands nothing about pregnancy and its consequences.

Angel Maxine's mother also spoke out against the law, urging President Akufo Addo to oppose it.

“I think that boy called Sam George is a mad man because he is a man, he doesn’t know how we go through our pregnancy and giving birth. You are condemning others due to their sexuality but this thing is in every house.

I just need my son to be accepted because he is a human being. I will be there naked to come and face you over this bill because I am a mother. The country is sinking not because of these people but because of our own character“, Angel Maxine’s mother opined.

This comes after Sam George and other Members of Parliament presented a bill criminalizing homosexuality as well as numerous forms of LGBTQ activism and support.

Homosexuality, according to Hon. Sam George, is a perversion.