Show respect and quit this arrogant playing Hammer blasts VGMA Board, Charterhouse

Show respect and quit this arrogant playing Hammer blasts VGMA Board, Charterhouse

Ghanaian music producer and executive Da Hammer has described Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy's ban lift as a 'stunt, arrogance and disrespect'.

Stonebwoy, on Wednesday, February 17, disclosed that he nor Shatta Wale were invited for hearing before the VGMA Board adjudicated on their ban.

“Dear VGMA Board & Scheme organisers, I hear the purpose of the VGMA is to celebrate and project Ghanaian musicians and music. If that is so, it takes nothing from you to meet with us the artistes/ our reps b4 reaching decisions that affect us and communicating them to the public.”

“The right to be heard is a principle that applies in every noble society. Even the all-seeing God, who had already seen and knew all that Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, still made sure he heard them before he took action against them. #IfTheySoDesire really???” Stonebwoy lamented in a Twitter thread yesterday.

Responding to Stonebwoy’s statement, the Last Two record label owner agreed with the Bhim Nation leader, saying Charterhouse and the VGMA Board lifted the ban to create a stunt for its forthcoming event.

“Totally agree, makes perfect sense... especially as we all know why the ban was lifted,” he noted on Instagram. “Why did they have to hear about this with the rest of us. Not even a letter to their outfits before the public announcement... leading to the conclusion that this can only be a stunt for the upcoming event and has nothing to do with any of them.”

He said the organisers and the Board should show them some respect and stop the arrogance.

“VGMA has been the most successful entity in the history of our music industry. All record labels in our history put together can’t even match up to half of the success you’ve enjoyed. The industry has been generous and good to u for business with great content, so SHOW SOME RESPECT and quit this arrogant playing God stunt. This won’t be tolerated in this industry. If you realize you can’t have a successful show without the Star Boys just admit it and do the right thing by them and Quit moving goal posts as and when u see fit for selfish reasons,” he added.