NCA approves authorisation to stations closed down.

NCA approves authorisation to stations closed down.

The National Communication Authority (NCA) has granted Radio Gold and Radio XYZ operating licenses.

These stations are among the 131 that have been given permission to operate under certain criteria laid down by the NCA board.


The Authority's Governing Board meeting on October 11, 2021 came to this conclusion.

"New applications from organizations whose FM radio stations were closed down after the 2017 FM Audit as well as existing stations who applied for renewal of their expiring FM Radio broadcasting authorisations," the Authority said in a statement.

The NCA shut down Radio Gold 90.5 FM and Radio XYZ 93.1 FM in Accra in May 2019.


While the stations were on the air, NCA officials raided the premises with armed security guards and demanded their immediate closure.

They were then given letters outlining the reasons for the ruling and requesting that they reapply for a license if they wanted to operate as FM radio stations.

After two years, the Authority says it is ready to give them broadcasting permission "subject to the applicants completing a sensitization session on the terms and conditions of FM radio broadcasting authorizations."

"Provisional authorisations shall be awarded to the successful applicants at the end of the workshop, and frequencies shall be assigned to the applicants only upon the fulfillment of the Provisional Authorisation conditions," the NCA said in a statement dated October 12.