Fameye has expressed his readiness to take the COVID-19 vaccine

Fameye has expressed his readiness to take the COVID-19 vaccine

According to the Ghanaian singer, he believes the vaccine is coming in at the right with the hope that when people take it, life will return to normal like the days before the coronavirus outbreak.

"I hope that after maybe thirty per cent of Ghanaians are able to take it, at least the President can give way for social gatherings to happen so that we can start performing at shows," Fameye said in a conversation.

The "Nothing I Get" singer has emphasized that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused musicians to lose income because artistes now have to depend on only income from online streams since they can't perform at outdoor events.

"We have drop songs, we are promoting them but we are only getting money from streams so we have to perform at shows and travel around the world. So I will take the vaccine," Fameye said.

Speaking about the false conspiracy theory that the vaccines may have some secret negative intent, the 'Mati' singer said " see please if you don't want to take the vaccine, then please stop taking Malaria drugs because they are also from that side".

In the yet to be released exclusive interview, he explained that "if they want to do or cause any harm to you, they can also do it through that means. So you should go and take the vaccine".

According to Fameye, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected him badly because he had to cancel his scheduled American tour and refund money to organizers of shows he was booked for both home and abroad.

Speaking about his music project, Fameye just released a new song 'Self Help' has announced that he is set to drop his next album which has titled 'Son Of Peter'. Giving an exclusive of what to expect from the album, he said it will feature Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.