Bukom Banku tells Ayittey Powers about his mother's funeral: "I'll tear his head off."

Bukom Banku tells Ayittey Powers about his mother's funeral:

Braimah Isaac Kamoko, commonly known as Bukom Banku, a Ghanaian boxer, has requested that his colleague fighter Ayittey Powers not attend his mother's funeral.

He claims they are no longer friends, thus he doesn't need his condolences or attendance to say goodbye to his late mother.

Bukom Banku also warned Ayittey Powers to pay attention to his message because he is willing to cut off his head if he disobeys it.

The comedian stated Ayittey Powers is an ungrateful human in an interview with SVTV Africa, adding that God should kill me if I make friends with him again.

Nothing should be spoken to me... According to the Bible, if your hands bother you, you must cut them off.

Even John Mahama can't persuade me otherwise. I'm terrified of him because I have a fight with King Jerry, and he has backed him up in numerous radio interviews.

I assisted powers in the burial of his mother, but if he attends the funeral, I will sever his head. I don't want him to attend my mother's memorial service. I'm going to shoot him. I don't want him there; everyone else is welcome, but not him, he insisted.