Afia Schwarzenegger apologizes to Ayisha Modi.

Afia Schwarzenegger apologizes to Ayisha Modi.

Following their recent feud on social media, an audio of controversial media figure Afia Schwarzenegger pleading Ayisha Modi for forgiveness has surfaced on social media.


It will be remembered that Afia Schwar and Ayisha Modi had a confrontation a few days earlier, which resulted in Afia and her pals being exposed.

She denied ever receiving help from Ayisha Modi in the beef, other for a sum of money she received on her daughter Pena's birthday.

Ayisha published a series of screenshots to demonstrate that Afia has received more money from her than she claims.

Despite informing the world that Ayisha Modi was the one pushing herself on her, Afia could be heard admitting to all the benefits she had had from her.

People, particularly those who backed Afia Schwarzenegger, have slammed her for tricking them when she knew she was wrong, based on this new audio.